As certified public accountants and business consultants working with some of the most recognized names in business, we provide the highest level of professional service. But it’s not just our list of clients that sets us apart, it’s our commitment to building strong partner relationships, delivering great service, and having a proactive philosophy that ensures our clients’ success.

We have chosen highly selective organic growth practices in order to maintain close client relationships, build, and manage the succession of the firm rather than unweildy growth through merger and acquisition.

So whether you are a manufacturer, a franchisee, or a member of a family business venture, Concannon Miller has depth to serve the complexities of your business, but we're not so big that you'll be a small fish in a big pond.

Discover for yourself why we are the firm of choice. For more information on Concannon, Miller & Co., contact us today or call 855-395-5942 (Pennsylvania) or 855-395-5944 (Florida).