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Mergers and Acquisitions: Post Tax Reform Business Buying Strategies

Many businesses will pay less federal income taxes in 2018 and beyond, thanks to the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act. And some will spend their tax savings on merging with or acquiring another business. Before you jump on the M&A bandwagon, it’s important to understand how your transaction will be taxed under current tax law.

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Nonprofits: Track Unrelated Business Income to Avoid Tax Surprises

Taxes generally aren’t a top business concern for nonprofits, but if your organization has unrelated business income, it’s an issue even tax-exempt organizations have to keep track of. What’s unrelated business? It involves a trade or business regularly carried on (including seasonally) by an organization, which isn’t substantially related to the exercise or performance of…

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Tips on Selling Your Business from a Certified Exit Planning Advisor

Certified Exit Planning Advisor Andy Kahn, a shareholder with Concannon Miller, was quoted in a recent Lehigh Valley Business article about the current state of business mergers and acquisitions (M&A). Check out his insight and advice below:

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McDonald’s Franchisees: How to Benefit from Uber Eats

It is an undeniable fact – the world is changing and at breakneck speed. In almost every corner of society, technology and cultural tastes are reshaping they way things are done, produced, consumed – you name it. Businesses will need to continually adapt and remake themselves in order to remain relevant, let alone profitable. The…

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Reasons for Construction Companies to Certify Financial Statements

Throughout the year, construction companies and real estate developers need to be able to provide verified financial results to others. This may be your CPA, a lender or investor, a potential purchaser of your business — should you decide to sell — or another interested party. Not to mention that you, as the construction company…

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Lean Manufacturing: 8 Steps Manufacturers Should Consider to Reduce Waste

The term “lean manufacturing” means different things to different people. However, it can generally be agreed upon that lean manufacturing represents a management philosophy that emphasizes the elimination or reduction of waste in order to increase company profitability. In other words, doing more with less. Lean manufacturing is often associated with the Toyota Production System…

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Strategic Tax Planning Tips to Lower Business Tax Liability

More than a year after sweeping federal and state tax reform were enacted, businesses of all sizes are still wrapping their arms around the changes. Additional guidance and regulations have been issued nearly every month — indeed, change is the new normal. Strategic tax planning now is key to lowering businesses’ total tax liability. Read…

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Divorcing Business Owners: Don’t Forget to Weigh the Tax Consequences

Let’s say divorcing spouses own part of the stock in a closely-held corporation. This may be one of their biggest marital assets, and often one spouse decides to buy out the other party’s shares by transferring some assets in exchange for the stock. Before jumping headfirst into these transfers, it’s important to consider the expected…

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10 Tax Planning & Business Tips for Privately-Held Companies

The federal, state and economic environment is in a state of constant change. The end of 2017 was the Tax Cuts Jobs Act – the biggest federal tax change in 30 years. Last year’s Wayfair v. South Dakota sales tax case now requires out-of-state sellers of goods and services to collect sales tax if they…

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Estate and Trust Services: Why a CPA is Essential to Your Team (Video)

CPAs are best suited to evaluate the tax consequences of estate plans. Business owners and other high-net-worth individuals should strongly consider making or updating an estate plan to reduce estate taxes and ensure your assets are distributed according to your wishes.

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