For decades, Concannon Miller has partnered with top manufacturers in the region to help them grow.

That longstanding expertise benefits our manufacturing clients, including Weyerbacher Brewing Co., a Lehigh Valley-based craft beer brewer.

We’ve teamed up with Weyerbacher since the company got its start in 1995. In the beginning, we helped the company implement tax strategies specifically geared toward startup companies. Now, 20 years later, new strategies help them obtain tax savings they can re-invest into growth opportunities.

“They’ve been our accounting firm ever since the beginning, they have helped us through all kinds of good times and some bad times,” Weyerbacher Vice President Barbara Lampe says. “We will always rely on Concannon’s expertise to help us filter through what is truly an opportunity for us – and what might be a risky opportunity for us.

Concannon Miller’s knowledge of ever-changing business regulations has been very valuable to Weyerbacher’s operations, Lampe says.

“The states are changing their regulations on a regular basis – we as a company can’t stay on top of those questions – Concannon does that for us,” Lampe says. “They’re detailed oriented, they’re thoughtful, they take their time – I can’t recommend them too highly.”

Watch more about Weyerbacher’s growth to become one of Pennsylvania’s top craft brewers: