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How Concannon Miller Helps Businesses

Concannon Miller provides the highest level of professional service to some of the most recognized names in business. But it’s not just our list of clients that sets us apart, it’s our commitment to building strong partner relationships and our proactive philosophy.

Accounting and Tax Services for Manufacturers

Concannon Miller has been working with manufacturers for decades. See how we’ve helped Polykote Corp., Weyerbacher Brewing Co. and other manufacturers navigate tax and accounting issues so they can focus on their core businesses.

Sound Advice in a Burgeoning Industry

Weyerbacher Brewing Co., a craft regional brewery, came to Concannon Miller as an under-capitalized startup facing a new industry. Today, we help them assess new opportunities in an ever-changing regulatory environment. Read the Case Study >>

Building a Strategy for New Manufacturing Clients

Working with manufacturers is one of Concannon Miller’s specialties, and we’ve leveraged our industry-specific tax and accounting knowledge to bolster the finances of many of our manufacturing clients, including Polykote Corp. Read the Case Study >>

Growth Strategies for Computer Aid, Inc.

Concannon Miller provides more than just your standard accounting and tax services. That’s why when Computer Aid, Inc., a Lehigh Valley-based global IT services firm, had grown too large for simply an annual review, they turned to Concannon Miller. Read the Case Study >>

Helping Convergent Assess New Opportunities

Service companies need insights into everything from the simple to the complex. Technology services provider Convergent has relied on our vast expertise for things like tax returns for years – and we helped when an acquisition opportunity arose, too. Read the Case Study >>