Business Consulting

Business Consulting

Your numbers tell a story about the state of your business – the good, the bad and the otherwise.

When you want to make strategic decisions that position your company for success, Concannon Miller is the firm of choice to show you where you are and develop a plan for getting to where you want to be.

Our highest level of expertise is in consulting services that can help you improve the financial performance of your organization and bring insight and perspective to your business.

Critical Advice and Insight

Whether through advanced tax strategies, advice on buy-sell agreements, financial analysis, business valuation, succession planning, or other business decisions or opportunities, we can offer the critical advice and insight you need to make informed decisions—decisions that may impact you today and well into the future. The breadth of experience we bring to the table is why we are the firm of choice.

Lean Consulting for Business Processes

Lean consulting experts with accounting experience can help identify where companies are losing money through inefficiencies and outdated processes.

Whether a lean project is undertaken on the shop floor or in the office, increased capacity, efficiency gains and often monetary savings, can be realized.

Business processes that can benefit from lean include:

  • Sales and accounts receivable
  • Disbursements and accounts payable
  • Inventory cycles
  • Cash cycles

Management Consulting Partners

Compass Point Consulting, our management consulting partner, focuses on critical issues business owners face. With decades of experience helping privately-held businesses align the goals of strategy, growth and exit, we can produce extraordinary results for our clients. Learn more about the full scope of services we deliver though our strategic partner Compass Point Consulting.