Expatriate Tax Services

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Expanding into foreign markets can be a great growth opportunity, but the expansion comes with complex tax implications for employees as well as the employer.

Our experienced expatriate tax team can provide your company with the tax services you require to send employees abroad, and be confident their complex tax situations will be well controlled.

Our Approach

Our approach is a consultative one, and we work closely with both the company and expatriate to ensure everyone is kept informed and satisfied. We strive to eliminate tax surprises at year-end for both the company or employees.

Company Contact

Our expatriate tax team is in frequent contact with your company payroll departments by reviewing expatriate pay stubs to ensure tax payments are on track. We also work hand-in-hand with the company accounting departments, to ensure tax accruals for the ex-pat program are accurate.

Because we track employee compensation on a regular basis, we’re able to provide quarterly hypothetical tax estimates so each year-end goes smoothly.

Expatriate Tax Services

  • Domestic & International Tax Planning and Return Preparation
  • Mobile Employee Payroll Consulting
  • Employer Consulting & Management of Expatriate Programs
  • Expatriate Policy Development & Management
  • International Withholding & Reporting Consulting
  • Regular Communication with Expatriates
  • Travel Tracking Calendar

BDO Alliance USA Membership

Concannon Miller is an independent member of the BDO Alliance USA, a subsidiary of BDO USA, LLP. As an independent Member Firm of BDO International Limited, BDO serves multi-national clients through a global network of more 73,000 people working out of more than 1,500 offices in over 162 countries.

BDO International Limited has member firms in countries expatriates typically work in. Member firms collaborate across-the-globe to meet clients’ needs.