John Wessner

Manager, Business Projects & Processes

John Wessner, MBA, is constantly striving to accomplish more than he did the day before and is always learning from both successes and failures.

John started at the firm in 2007 with a BA in Accounting from Kutztown University and an MBA in Management from St. Joseph’s University.


More About John

The one thing I try to remember every day is that it’s not just a number on a financial statement or tax return—it’s the client’s life.

A self-described “gentleman farmer,” John works 16 acres of his family’s farm in his spare time and is an avid outdoorsman. He and his wife recently finished renovating their 200-year-old farmhouse after 10 years of hard work and John loves relaxing on the patio with his three children (and assorted pets). He can also be found hiking or attending his daughter’s sporting events.

Primary Practice Areas

  • Firm management
  • Manager of Back Office Services