Construction & Real Estate Development

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We have the expertise to deliver industry-specific tax and accounting advice that can help you grow your business and improve profitability.

The tax laws and accounting policies for construction and real estate development companies are unique and particular. If your accountant doesn’t have the industry experience, you’re likely missing out on some significant tax savings.

As the real estate industry continues to rebound, we can help you manage issues such as the proposed changes to lease accounting standards and the availability of capital for builders so you can streamline your operations, maximize your opportunities and minimize your risks in a cyclical marketplace.

Taking a Detailed View of Your Numbers

Concannon Miller leverages decades of experience working with leading construction and real estate development companies in the Lehigh Valley for all our clients.

We’re well versed in both the completed contract method for taxation and the percentage of completion requirement for financial statements. We’ve also helped real estate developers benefit from cost segregation studies, capitalizing costs and taking advantage of depreciation on equipment purchases.

Improving Financing with High-Quality Accounting

When banks and investors recognize your accounting firm as high-quality and trusted, your chances of landing a better financing arrangement goes up. Many of our construction and real estate clients have received improved financing terms because of their relationship with Concannon Miller.