McDonald’s Owners

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Proudly serving more than 230 franchisees operating 1,785 restaurants from
Alaska to Florida, Hawaii to Maine.

Our relationship with McDonald’s franchisees started more than 50 years ago and is still at the very heart of our company.

We have a deep understanding of the business and have tailored our high-level professional services to meet the unique needs of McDonald’s Owners. Whether you need monthly accounting and reporting, help with your back-office operations, consulting on a higher level like tax planning and compliance, restaurant valuations, or retirement, Next Gen or estate planning, Concannon Miller can make a difference in your business.

McDonald’s Services

Timely, accurate information helps you make sound management decisions. Monthly bookkeeping and accounting services allow your monthly financial statements to be submitted complete and on time, so you know where your business stands and how to keep it moving in the right direction. Our services include:

  • Compilation of monthly financial statements
  • Standard chart of accounts and financial statement format for owner-operators
  • Personal, secure internet portal for easy access to financial statements
  • Monthly cash flow trend analyses and financial viability assessments, which include key financial statement ratios
  • Access to monthly P&L norm data from thousands of restaurants


It really is about more than simply the numbers; Concannon Miller offers valuable insight, which assists you in running your business. Our long-enduring relationship with McDonald’s Owners gives us a unique understanding of the system and how to help you best plan for your current and long-term success.

Our consulting services include analysis on a broad spectrum of critical issues, application of advanced tax strategies to business valuation and succession planning, next generation planning, growth and rewrite strategies, and retirement and estate planning and help with many other facets of your business important to building your long-term success. We can help you with:


You need reliable and defensible valuation for everything from acquiring financing to writing buy-sell agreements to estate and gift tax purposes. Certified Valuation Analysts use a trusted, proprietary model for valuing your McDonald’s restaurants.

Tax and Accounting Services

Armed with an in-depth understanding of your McDonald’s franchise business, our professionals continuously seek new ways to minimize your tax liability by staying abreast of the latest tax law changes so you can improve your cash flow:

  • Strategic planning to minimize federal, state, and local taxes
  • Tax return preparation
  • Entity structure decision analysis
  • Planning the sale or acquisition of restaurants
  • Family estate and gift planning
  • Planning with trusts
  • Retirement and fringe benefit planning
  • Succession planning

Next Generation Services

You’ve enjoyed success with your McDonald’s business. Now how do you plan for the same success for your heirs? At Concannon Miller we can assist you with formulating a solid succession plan. We’ll evaluate the best way to structure entity ownership, how to balance fairness among siblings who may or may not be involved in the business, and other key factors. Paramount to these efforts is minimizing tax consequences. Succession planning can be a sensitive topic. Our professionals promise a thoughtful and understanding process. Our Next Gen services include:

  • Succession planning
  • Next Gen coaching and education
  • Estate planning

Back Office Solutions

You focus on operations. We’ll handle your back office needs. Our Back Office Solutions team allows you to focus on the important operational issues that affect your profitability, while giving you the peace of mind that the back office details are being handled, including critical deposit verification to accurate and timely monthly sales reports. Our solutions include:

  • Financial and management reporting
  • Accounts payable/bill paying
  • Revenue/sales verification and reporting
  • Information management